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Catalog Connectors

Style and publish catalog content in Omni CMS using the Omni CMS + Destiny One or the Omni CMS + Acalog catalog connectors. Prebuilt Layout Builder tiles allow you to pull catalog pages into Omni CMS that always have the latest data for courses, certificates, program areas, and program streams. You can also use the connectors without Layout Builder.

Get StartedLink to this section

The first step in setting up the catalog connector is to ensure your catalog data in either Destiny One or Acalog is complete.

Then, Modern Campus will enable the catalog connector on your Destiny One or Acalog system and configure your Omni CMS system to pull catalog data from it.

Omni CMS + Destiny One Catalog Connector

Destiny One and Acalog will continue to be the system of record for catalog information. Destiny One’s transactional platform will continue to power the shopping cart, checkout, information requests, authentication, and constituent portals.

After your implementation, you can use the catalog tiles, layouts, and pages for any content you like, including the following:

  • Acalog Course List
  • Acalog Course Detail
  • Acalog Program List
  • Acalog Program Detail
  • Destiny One Certificate Search and Results
  • Destiny One Certificate Profile
  • Destiny One Course Search and Results
  • Destiny One Course and Section Profile
  • Destiny One Program Areas and Streams (index pages)
  • Destiny One Program Stream Profile
  • Destiny One Program Area Profile

Place Acalog catalog information on the full page or on a portion of the page. Destiny One catalog information requires the full page.

Next StepsLink to this section

You can customize your Omni CMS + Destiny One or Omni CMS + Acalog catalog connectors using Layout Builder tiles and then personalize your catalog content for visitors using Personalization. Create a Personalization campaign to track returning visitors and show more personalized content in catalog pages with each visit.

Disable the Connector (Destiny One)Link to this section

Turn the catalog connector off by removing the Omni CMS redirect URL from the Destiny One Configuration Editor. 

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