Table Separator

What does it do?

Allows users to easily insert content between two adjacent table transformations in the JustEdit WYSIWYG editor.


How do I install it?

Add the following code to: /_resources/xsl/common.xsl

Add to the common-headcode template:

<xsl:if test="$is-edt">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="//" />

Add to the common-footcode template:

<xsl:if test="$is-edt">
    <!-- jQuery 1.5+ is required. Add it here if not already included. -->
    <script src="//" defer="defer"></script>

Note: jQuery version 1.5 or newer is required. If it’s not already being included, you’ll need to include it just before the table-separator.js reference.

Getting started

Now anytime an editable region is edited you will see a message stating “Click to insert content” when hovering between two table transformations. The message is also displayed when the table transformation is the first or last child element.

Additional Features

There are three options that can be set using the data-table-separator-options attribute on the wrapping parent element. These settings effect all descendant elements. This allows for granular control over what options are applied. For instance, descendant options overwrite ancestor options. You can even use this data attribute on the ouc:div to effect an entire editable region.

Option Description
disable Disables Table Separator
clone Duplicates an adjacent table
empty Used in combination with the clone option. Empties the td elements of cloned table.
<td class="event" data-table-separator-options="clone empty">
	<table class="ou-accordion-block">
		<caption>Accordion Block</caption>
				<td class="heading">Mi pharetra a tempus malesuada consequat sem</td>
				<td class="content">
						Maecenas augue libero, bibendum a turpis sit amet, faucibus arcu.
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