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Check out our videos, podcasts, and literature to learn everything you need to know to make personalization a reality on your website.

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Massive Personalization and Career Pathways

Massive Personalization and Career Pathways: The New Standard for Higher Ed

This video highlights some of the most pressing changes transforming the higher education landscape, opportunities for institutions to adapt to those changes with agility—and how to thrive in the process.

Attract, Convert, and Engage Students with Personalized Digital Experiences

How to Attract, Convert and Engage Students with Personalized Digital Experiences

We’ll show you how to display information related to a specific program based on a prospective student’s prior visitor behavior. Learn to create urgency by displaying an upcoming enrollment deadline for a prospective student’s program of interest, and more.

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Illumination by Modern Campus

Maximizing Enrollment, Retention and Re-Engagement through Personalization

On this episode, Enrique Jasso, Associate Director of Texas Health Education Services and Vaughn Shinkus, Assistant Vice President and Senior Consultant at Ruffalo Noel Levitz talk about how to leverage digital resources to attract and retain students, and how personalization plays a major role. 

Higher Ed Geek Podcast

Amrit Ahluwalia on the State of Learner Engagement in Continuing Education

Amrit Ahluwalia, Editor in Chief of EvoLLLution, shares his story and the current issues facing divisions of continuing education and how to address them.

EdUp Experience Podcast

The EdUp Experience Podcast with Modern Campus CEO Brian Kibby

In this podcast, Brian Kibby discusses the massive need for career services to play a more central role in the college and university experience, and how higher education will be shifting from focus on degrees to credentialing.

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student sitting with laptop

Recruiting Out-of-State and International Students

Leverage Omni CMS powered by Instinct to recruit modern learners—in hyper-personalized, engaging ways

Practical Guide to Personalization

Practical Guide to Personalization

Learn how to use website personalization to attract, enroll and engage students in a way that builds meaningful connections.
Personal Connection: How to Maximize Enrollment, Retention and Re-EngagementPersonal Connection: How to Maximize Enrollment, Retention and Re-EngagementData from the latest research from the 2021 E-Expectations Trend Report underscores why personalization is critical to nurturing the digital student.
Delivering Career Pathways and Website Personalization at West Valley CollegeDelivering Career Pathways and Website Personalization at West Valley CollegeLearn how West Valley College is transforming the student experience by implementing Personalization and Pathways.