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The Omni CMS content interface shows you pages, files, menus, and sidebars. Menus and sidebars are consistent in all Omni CMS interfaces, including dashboard and reports.

A screenshot of the Omni CMS interface with Main menu numbered 1, global search numbered 2, user avatar and settings numbered 3, File navigation sidebar numbered 4, Gadgets sidebar numbered 5..
Common view of Omni CMS content interface
  1. Main menu: Access most of your Omni CMS content and functions from this menu. This includes your dashboard, the content menu (including pages, assets, and more), reports, and add-ons.
  2. Global search: Search your Omni CMS account for content, users and more.
  3. User avatar and settings: Your user avatar is set via Gravatar, a third-party website that uses your avatar on any Gravatar-enabled site. Make sure you use the same email address for Gravatar that you use for your Omni CMS account.
  4. Help menu: Search the Omni CMS Support site and go to your custom help URL (if applicable). Go to the Omni CMS Community Network, the Modern Campus Feedback Forum, and Omni CMS release notes.
  5. File navigation sidebar: Expand to see and interact with the file structure of your website.
  6. Gadgets sidebar: Expand to see available gadgets.

The Setup menu is available to Level 10 users only.

Logging InLink to this section

The DirectEdit link is on every page of your website, click to log in to Omni CMS. When you log in with the DirectEdit link, you immediately see the edit mode of the website page you logged in from.

You can also log in to Omni CMS using the default login page.

Default login to Omni CMS, with "username" and "password" fields and a "Reset Password" link.

Enter your username and password and click Log In. Unless your school uses another method of authentication such as Central Authentication Service (CAS) or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), click the Reset Password link to reset your password. The reset link is emailed to the address in your user settings; if you do not have a valid email address in your settings, you won't be able to reset your password.

If your account is locked, contact an administrator at your school to unlock it. 

DashboardLink to this section

If you log in to Omni CMS using the default login page rather than DirectEdit, you are taken to your dashboard. Go to your dashboard anytime from the Main menu by clicking Dashboard > My Dashboard. The dashboard shows your recently visited pages, assets, components, and snippets; your mailbox; and select gadgets.