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Approving Content

You can access content awaiting your approval from a couple locations in the interface. One is from the "Approvals" tab in the dashboard; the other is the Pending Approvals report. In either instance, selecting a page brings up the actions menu with the following options:

  • Publish: When you publish a page, you can enter a version description, run final check, and set a publish target and social media post. You can also schedule the publish.
  • Decline: Declining a page sends it back to the user requesting review for them to make any additional changes. A message can be included with the decline.
  • Reassign: Reassigning a page sends it to another user for them to review. Only users levels 9 and 10 and those who have access to the page are available as potential recipients. An optional message with the reassignment can be toggled to private or public. If no message is entered, it is auto-populated with a phrase indicating the reassignment.
  • Check In: Checking in the page removes it from the workflow and returns it to the system. Any changes made are saved, but the page isn't published.
  • View: Preview the page in question; buttons to decline or publish it are also present.

If a page has messages in its workflow, you see a notification at the top of the screen indicating the number and senders of messages. Select this notification to bring up all messages associated with the workflow, with the option to respond either privately or publicly.

To change the audience of a message,

  1. Select the avatar near new message field.
    • A dropdown appears with all users involved in the workflow.
  2. Select one user to create a private message that only the sender and recipient can see.
  3. Select "All Participants" to create a public message that can be seen by all members of the workflow.