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Public Events Page

The public events page displays your calendar(s) on any website. To display the public events page, embed the calendar code snippet on any PCF or HTML page. 

AppearanceLink to this section

Get up and running quickly by styling the appearance of your public events page using theme colors, fonts, and header image. 

public events pages with quick styling changes


With small changes to your appearance settings you can tailor your public events page to your school's branding. With additional development, you can use CSS to build your own custom design.

Visitor OptionsLink to this section

To keep focus on your most important events, the public events page shows featured events by default. Visitors can then filter to see all events, events by date, and/or events by tag.

Visitors can choose to see your events as a list or as a grid and can add events to their own calendar or RSS feed.

Click Outlook/iCal to add an event to their calendar, an ICS file will download. To get the ICS link, right-click Outlook/iCal and copy the address.

Click Add to RSS to open a new tab with the RSS text to copy.

Add to RSS

Copy the RSS text and add it to your web page to show a list of events as a summary with a link to more details.

To show selected events in the RSS export, enter a tag in the Tags filter before clicking Add to RSS.

The RSS feed exports the event title, description, date, time, time zone, status, image, tags, and a link to the event details.

Event DetailsLink to this section

Click an event to see more details, like locations, organizers, links, and recurrence.

event details

When you enable event tracking, you can create a Instinct™ campaign for visitors who click on your events.