A/B Testing

Use Personalization: Identified Visitors and Contacts, A/B Testing to compare different versions of your web content to see which version performs better for your goal.

Personalization A/B testing helps you collect enough data to confidently make changes based on the results. Our test settings can ensure your results are real, repeatable, and not due to random chance.

  1. Go to Personalization > A/B Testing.
  2. Click +New.
  3. Enter your test settings.
    • Reference a description of every field in A/B Testing.
  4. Select an HTML or INC file as your default content.
  5. Select 1-3 variations of content to test against the default.
  6. Save and Launch to make the test available for use on pages.

When you insert the A/B Test on a page, Personalization will randomize the content shown to your visitors.

Use A/B tests on pagesLink to this section

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