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Data Integration

Integrate data from your student information system (SIS) or customer relationship management (CRM) system using a CSV file. Then, use our Personalization form on your website to request information from your visitors that links them to your imported contacts.

Import your student dataLink to this section

Import any CSV containing an email address, at minimum, into Omni CMS.

When you import data, you see suggested data mapping, including the option to restrict data. If your CSV file contains critical personally identifiable information (PII) that we can identify programmatically, we will automatically restrict it and it will never be stored. You can also restrict data by removing it from your CSV file before import and/or by excluding it during the import process. 

Level 10 administrators, your privacy policy may need to be updated to reflect the choices you make about what data you import. You can use our details about data collection for Personalization to get started.

integration mapping

  1. Go to Content > Personalization > Integration.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Name your data.
  4. Click the file chooser to select your CSV for upload.
  5. Click Upload.
  6. Click Next.
  7. In the dropdown menu, map your data to or exclude it from segment properties.
    • Segment properties are smart; mapping data as a number prevents it from being edited later to a text value.
    • To exclude multiple columns select the checkbox for Don't import unmatched columns.
  8. Click Save.

You can now request information from your website visitors and create segments using your data.

Edit your dataLink to this section

To make changes to your data after your first import,

  1. Go to Content > Personalization > Integration.
  2. Click the More Actions menu for your data.
  3. Click File > Edit Data Connection.
  4. Follow the Import your student data steps.

Segment properties are smart. For example, if a segment property was first mapped as Numeric (integer), it can only be changed to a different Numeric (integer) property.

Delete your dataLink to this section

Deleting your data removes it permanently from the database, including segments and dynamic content using your data. Deleted data cannot be restored in Omni CMS. To delete your data,

  1. Go to Content > Personalization > Integration.
  2. Click the More Actions menu for your data.
  3. Click File > Delete Integration.