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Insert/Edit Link

Add a link from your page to another page, section, or file (for example, PDF) in your Omni CMS website or to an external web page as follows:

When linking to a page or file in your website, it's important to use the file chooser rather than pasting in the URL. Choosing the file allows dependency manager to track your link and keep it from breaking if the page is moved or renamed.

  1. While editing an editable region, select the text or image to display as a link.
  2. Click Insert/Edit Link Insert/Edit Link icon in the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) toolbar to open the "Insert/Edit Link" box.
  3. In the "URL" field, paste the external web address or click the file chooser URL File Chooser icon.
    • From file chooser, navigate through folders in your Omni CMS site.
    • Click the file to link.
    • Click Insert.
  4. To link to an anchor, type #anchorname in the "URL" field. 
  5. In the "Title" field, enter the name of the page you're linking to.
    • "Title" text appears when someone hovers over the link and is used by screen readers. This is important to meet accessibility compliance standards.
  6. Set the "Open link in..." field to Current Window or New Window, using the dropdown.
  7. Set the styling for your link, using the "Class" dropdown.
  8. Click Save.

See WYSIWYG Editor Advanced Fields for additional link options.