Each file has a log that keeps track of saves, publishes, or had other actions performed on it, and by which user. There are two ways to view the log, as follows:

  • Navigate to Content > Pages, click the More Actions menu More Actions menu, click Review > Log.


  • While viewing a page, click Properties in the page actions toolbar and click Log.

The actions recorded are:

  • Saved from WYSIWYG/Image Editor: The file was saved from the WYSIWYG Editor or the  image editor.
  • Saved from Source Editor/Image Editor: The file was saved from the source editor or the  image editor.
  • File Publish: The file was published. It also says what site the file was published to.
  • Content Republished: The file was published but without any changes.
  • Directory Publish: The file was published when the section containing it was published.
  • Site Publish: The file was published when the whole site was published.
  • Scheduled Publish: The file was published as scheduled.
  • Content Reverted/Updated by Revert: The file was reverted to a previous version.
  • Content Expired: The file expired.
  • Content Recycled: The file was recycled.
  • Content Recovered: The file was restored from the recycle bin.
  • Content Deleted: The file was permanently deleted from Omni CMS.
  • Upload: The file was uploaded to Omni CMS.
  • Overwrite: The file was replaced by another one that was uploaded.
  • Find and Replace Publish: The file was published after a find and replace happened.

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