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Reports gather and display information on content in Omni CMS, on a per-site basis. They are a useful tool for getting an overview of your activity in Omni CMS, or (for administrators) an overview of all users' activity. The Reports menu is found in the main navigation bar.

For reports available to all users, users levels 0 through 8 only see content they have affected or that is available to them, depending on the report. Users levels 9 and 10 see content across the site.

ReportAvailable ToPurpose
Required ActionsAll users*Reviews broken dependency tags and out-of-sync pages for the site.
Checked-Out Content All usersShows content checked out to the user or users.
Pending Approvals All usersShows pages pending approval to the user or all users.
Scheduled Actions All usersShows pages that have an action, such as a publish or an expiration, scheduled.
Site Check Level 9 and 10 usersReviews all links across the site.
Custom Reports Level 9 and 10 UsersCreate specific reports on multiple criteria, including users, groups, pages, assets, social media, and more.
Recent Saves All usersShows recently saved content.
Recent Publishes All usersShows recently published content.

*Only level 9 and 10 users can view the Out-of-Sync Pages section.

All reports can be exported as CSV files.