Checked-Out Content

Available to: All users. Level 9 and 10 users see all checked-out content across the site; users levels 0 through 8 only see content checked out to themselves.

The report shows what content (pages and files, assets, components, and dynamic content) has been checked out. This includes files scheduled for a publish or expiration and files in a workflow. Each entry shows the file icon and path, its status, who it is checked out to and when, and the last saved date.

If a user has checked out a page and logged out of Omni CMS without checking the page back in, no other users can edit it. However, level 9 and 10 users can check those pages back in. Either hover over the status icon for the file and click, then confirm the check-in, or select multiple files in the report and click Check In from the list header.

Forcibly checking in a file from another user cancels any scheduled actions, and removes any unsaved content. Pages in a workflow are shown in this report but can't be checked back in here; that can be done from the Pending Approvals report.

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