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Select-Lists for Table Transformation Snippets

 By adding select-lists to a table transformation snippet, you add a dropdown list of predefined options for users to choose from when filling out snippet content. 


This video was recorded in OU Campus v10. While the interface may have a slightly different look, the platform functionalities did not drastically change in the OU Campus 11 release.

Key Features

  • Improves editing experience by providing a visual list of options in table transformations.
  • Lists are configured with centrally-located JSON files  to make updating quick and easy.
  • The HTML markup output can be easily defined using templates configured in the JSON files.
  • CSS/JS files are located on a CDN making it easy to add to an implementation.
  • Does not alter any production files and JSON config files do not need to be published.

Readme  • Sample JSON Files


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