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Our training team provides two reoccuring webcasts, open to any Omni CMS user, teaching you about the CMS and how to use it.

Monthly Orientation TrainingLink to this section

This webcast occurs on the second Friday of every month. It overviews how to use Omni CMS and is intended both for new users who need an introduction to the CMS and returning users who could use a refresher. It lasts about two hours.

The next monthly orientation training will be held on:

Friday, February 11th, at 10:00 AM PT. 

Register for training.

This training takes place in an Omni CMS sandbox and walks through the basic Omni CMS interface. If your college or university already has Omni CMS, you can follow along there, as the platform functions are the same. If you're a new customer and your implementation hasn't been completed yet, please contact our helpdesk to request a sandbox.

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation as PDF file

Training TuesdaysLink to this section

These forty-five to sixty minute sessions are held on the last Tuesday of every month, and go greater into depth with Omni CMS, focusing on a different topic or technique each session. They span a range of experience levels, from beginning administrator to advanced developer, so read webcast descriptions carefully to determine if it's the right fit for you.

To be notified by email when a new Training Tuesday is scheduled, become an OCN member (you must request an invite first).

Our next Training Tuesday will cover Content Editor Tools. this session will take a deeper dive into tools available for the content editor in Omni CMS.

Content Editor Tools

Regardless of your user level in Omni CMS or your role in editing and maintaining your school's website, there are many tools, tips, and tricks that you can utilize to make your job easier while in the CMS.

This session will go beyond the basics covered in a Monthly Orientation session to go over some of the features, tabs, and gadgets in Omni CMS that can support your daily tasks, from managing files, workflows, scheduled actions, and more.

This session will also clarify some details about user level differences where appropriate, all the way up to administrator levels, in order to demonstrate how these features differ for different kinds of users. 

Register for the Webinar.

Our library of previous Training Tuesdays is available as well.


Our triaining team also offered an orientation webcast for Omni CMS Administrators.

Omni CMS Administrator Orientation TrainingLink to this section

This 90-minute webcast reviews Level 9 and 10 administrative tasks including site and account setup options. Whether you are a new Administrator who needs an introduction to the CMS or a returning user who could just use a refresher, this webinar if for you.


This video was recorded in OU Campus v10. While the interface may have a slightly different look, the platform functionalities did not drastically change in the OU Campus 11 release.