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Job Market Outlook

Associate Programs to Occupation GroupsLink to this section

  1. Navigate to the Programs Module via the Catalog Content menu.
  2. Search for and select a Program.
  3. Click the ‘Edit’
  4. From the ‘Occupation Group’ dropdown, select the group that applies.

associate a program with the job market outlook

Embed CodeLink to this section

Modern Campus will enable Pathways to display on your Acalog Gateway. If you wish to display the Job Market Outlook outside of your Gateway, you will need to use the Embed Code.

  1. Go to Career Pathways > Embed Code.
  2. Type to enter the title of your Job Market Data (optional).
  3. To show the title inside your Job Market Data, go to Appearance Profiles and select Display.
  4. Select the Occupation Groups to show in the Job Market Data.
  5. Click Copy Embed Code.
  6. Paste embed code onto any page in your allowed (whitelisted) domains.
    • Contact support to add domains.

embed code

Public ViewLink to this section

Once the setup is complete, the Pathways: Job Market Outlook information is publicly visible. It will give prospects and students important insight into the occupation and salary opportunities related to school certificates.

Reference the key elements that prospects can see and interact with. 

Note: To properly display Pathways information, visitors will need the most current version of their browser.