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Modern Campus Destiny One

Destiny One is the only “student first” solution to manage the business of non-traditional education for your entire institution, providing personalized pathways to lifelong learning.

Unlike first-generation, one-size-fits-all student information systems that are ill-equipped for the unique requirements of continuing ed and workforce development, Destiny One ensures every CE student’s digital experience mirrors the highly personalized, instant-delivery expectations that companies like Amazon create.

Destiny One creates AI-driven insights, personalization, and clear student pathways to deliver a cohesive lifelong learning environment tailored to each student, so that modern institutions can deliver an innovative digital experience that engages learners for life.

The Destiny One Staff View has context-sensitive help available and describes the features available in the Staff View of the Destiny One product and how you can use those features. Additional resources are also available on the Destiny One customer portal.

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