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Tasks to Complete in Destiny One

The following steps are required to configure Pathways for Destiny One:

  1. License key activation
  2. Domain whitelisting
  3. Set permissions
  4. Define occupation groups
  5. Associate programs to occupation groups
  6. Job Market Outlook and Appearance Settings
  7. Set up Persona Guides
  8. Assign an Occupation Group to a Certificate
  9. Preview the Job Market Outlook Information
  10. Publish to Website

License Key ActivationLink to this section

Modern Campus Professional Services will configure the license key information. Confirm that the license was configured appropriately by navigating to System Administration > System > License Summary and view the license setting for Modern Campus Pathways.

Destiny One Modern Campus Pathways License

A provisioned school will have access to all occupations and occupation groups for their respective country. Pathways can display job market data for either the US or Canada, but not both.

Domain WhitelistingLink to this section

Modern Campus Support and Professional Services will collect the domain names from the school where Pathways will be used.

Pathways features will not render if they are embedded in a webpage on a domain not included in this list. Domains can be changed at any time by contacting Modern Campus Support.

Set PermissionsLink to this section

Under System Administration > Access Control > Permissions, set the following permissions for the appropriate roles in your organization. By default, any staff member with access to the Marketing module in the Destiny One Staff View will have access to all the Pathways features and permissions.



Appearance Profiles

View and Modify Appearance Profile Settings

Career and Program Explorer

View and Modify Career and Program Explorer Settings

Occupation Groups

View and Modify Occupation Groups


View and Modify Personas


View and Modify Programs

Define Occupation GroupsLink to this section

An Occupation Group is a group of up to 75 US Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) or Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes. Pathways provides more than 500 occupations used by Canadian institutions and 1000 occupations used by US institutions for labor market statistics and policy planning.

Pathways include up to 1600 default occupation groups that link Classification of Instructional Programming (CIP) codes to SOCs or NOCs. This gives school administrators the option to quickly set up their programs or certificates based on the known CIP codes of their offerings. School administrators can also create their own custom occupation groups.

School administrators can create custom Occupation Groups by clicking the New button in the Occupation Groups  page under the Marketing > Pathways > Occupation Groups. Enter a name for the custom occupation group and select from the list of occupations provided by Pathways. Click the Export CSV button to export The complete list of Occupations Groups to a CSV file.

Occupation Groups Page

School administrators cannot edit or delete a default occupation group but can edit and delete any occupation groups they create. School administrators can copy a default occupation group and edit or delete the copied group.

A maximum of eight related occupations with the highest salaries in their occupation group will be shown in the Pathways: Job Market Outlook information, but up to 75 occupations can be part of an occupation group and used to determine statistics.

Adding occupations to a custom Occupation Group

Deleting an Occupation Group will remove all references of that group in all Pathways: Job Market Outlook instances for all certificates and courses across domains and will not replace deleted Occupation Groups in other certificates. Delete custom occupation groups with caution.

School administrators can quickly find any occupation group by using the Filter Options. Occupation Groups can be filtered by CIP code or keyword. When looking for occupations, live filtering quickly displays available occupations as staff users type occupation names.

For more detailed information and instructions, to set up Occupation Groups in Destiny One see here.

Next StepsLink to this section

Once a school is provisioned and has its occupation groups set up, it’s ready to set up the individual Pathways features.