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Assign an Occupation Group to a Course or Certificate

Pathways: Job Market Outlook can be easily applied to a certificate or course profile page.

For the Job Market Outlook, occupation group associations must be made through profile pages. Associations made here will show up on the Programs page, but associations made on the Programs page will not be honored in the individual profile pages.

Native Integration Vs EmbeddingLink to this section

Schools can use the built-in display options found in course and certificate profile pages to display a Job Market Outlook. By doing this, Destiny One will render the Job Market Outlook just below the course or certificate’s description field.

To put the Job Market Outlook in a different position on the page, or to put a Job Market Outlook instance on another page altogether, you will need to copy and paste its embed code.

To use Pathways without needing an embed code, the Curriculum Manager > Course Profile or Certificate Profile page in Destiny One, the Pathways: Job Market Outlook subform will display a Load Pathways Data button; to allow staff users to load the Pathways options on the profile page only if required.

Pathways Sub-form on Course and Certificate Profile page

Click the Load Pathways Data button to load the Pathways configuration options.

Pathways outlook subform on Certificate and Course Profile pages

Pathways Widget Subform Field Description

Field/Button Name


Occupation Group

The Occupation Group to use for this Certificate. The Pathways: Job Market Outlook data shown will depend on the Occupation Group set here and the location the prospect or student has set.

A certificate or course can be associated with only one Occupation Group, but an Occupation Group can be associated with multiple certificates and courses.

If this field is not set, the Pathways: Job Market Outlook information will not appear on the Public View certificate or course profile page.

Appearance Profile

Select the appearance profile to apply to the widget. See Appearance Profile Settings.

Display on Public View Page

Select this option to automatically display the Pathways: Job Market Outlook on the Public View below the certificate’s or course’s Description field. See Publish to Website.

Preview Widget

Click to view a preview of the Pathways: Job Market Outlook information as it appears to the public. Note that this button will only preview already-saved changes.

Note: This button is enabled once you save the settings for occupation group and appearance profile.

Copy Embed Code

Click to copy the Pathways HTML embed code. Web developers or school administrators can copy and paste the embed code into any webpage that is in a whitelisted domain see Domain Whitelisting.

Note: This button is enabled once you save the settings for occupation group and appearance profile.

Preview the Job Market Outlook InformationLink to this section

A preview of the Pathways: Job Market Outlook information is available on Curriculum Manager > Certificate > Certificate Profile or Curriculum Manager > Courses > Course Profile once changes have been saved.