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Embed Code

The Persona Guides Embed Code page allows web designers and school administrators to copy and paste the Persona Guide embed code into any webpage that is in a Pathways enabled domain.

  1. Select Marketing from the first navigation tier.
  2. Navigate to the Pathways > Persona Guides page from the second navigation tier.
  3. Click on the Embed Code tab.

Persona Guides Embed Code

Field Descriptions

Field/Option Name


Font & Color

Default Font

The default font to be used in all school Persona Guides.

Primary Color

The color to be used in all Persona Guides. This sets the color for all persona cards, the border, and the title area.


Language Translation

Select the language translation for the Persona Guides page. Options available are English, French Canadian, and Mexican Spanish. Available only if your school has licensed the Destiny One Language Pack.

Custom CSS Path

Provide an absolute path to your hosted CSS (stylesheet) file to be applied to the Persona Guides page. A starter CSS override file is available for download to get started from the embed page in the Staff View.


Embed Code

Click the COPY EMBED CODE button to copy the Persona Guide embed HTML code on any page in your Pathways enabled domains.

Note: To show Persona Guides below the search box on the main Career and Program Explorer landing page enable the Persona Guides option on the Career and Program Explorer Embed Code.