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Persona Guides

Staff ViewLink to this section

Persona Guides is a fast and easy way for schools to guide students and prospects through their marketing personas or student objectives. Persona Guides allow institutions to build experiences based on marketing personas and make it easy for prospects to identify their path and persona-based opportunities If enabled with the Career and Program Explorer, Persona Guides will appear below the Career and Program Explorer career search by default.

The Persona Guides tab displays a list view of the default and all custom Personas created to be displayed in the Public View. The Embed Code tab allows school administrators to place the Persona Guides on any page in your Pathways enabled domains.

  1. Select Marketing from the first navigation tier.
  2. Navigate to the Pathways > Persona Guides page from the second navigation tier.

Persona Guides List Page

Persona Guides Table Field Descriptions

Field/Option Name



The internal ID assigned to the Persona.


The name assigned to the Persona


The display order assigned to the Persona


The Persona status (Active/Inactive). Inactive personas will not be publicly visible.

Ellipsis (…)

Action menu. Click to Edit or Delete a Persona

Create Custom PersonasLink to this section

School administrators can create custom Personas by clicking the New button in the Personas tab under the Marketing > Pathways > Persona Guides page. School administrators can configure the Persona Guide information with the options available on the page.

Persona Description Page

Persona Description Fields

Field/Option Name




Enter a name for the persona description. This name will be displayed on the Persona card.


Select to determine if the persona is actively in use. When active, this persona will be displayed on the Public View page

Page Link

Enter the page link for the persona. When this persona is clicked, users will be redirected to this page.

Display Order

The display order of the persona on the Public View will be determined based on the number entered here. You can enter a number up to 10 characters. Persona are displayed in the order of smallest to largest.

Note: You can also enter a decimal or negative number to determine display order.

Short Description

Enter a short description for the persona.



Provide an absolute URL for the image to be displayed on the persona card.

Note: Recommended image dimensions: square and at least 150 x 150 pixels.

Alt Text

Provide an alternative text (short description) for the image.

Note: This is a required field if the image URL is entered.


Click Save to publish and apply the persona across all instances of Persona Guides. A notification will be presented informing changes were saved successfully.


Click to reset the settings before Save. A notification will be presented informing changes were reset.