Omni CMS API Documentation

The APIs documented on this page are the ones that don't follow the REST standards.

To use any of the APIs via a script, you will need to login first, that will return back a gadget_token, and it will need to appended as a custom header of X-Auth-Token to all the following calls. Here is the Example JavaScript Code demonstrating this logic.

Example JavaScript CodeLink to this section

(async () => {
   const connect = async () => {
      const body = new URLSearchParams();
      body.append('skin', '[SKINNAME]');
      body.append('account', '[ACCOUNT]');
      body.append('username', '[USERNAME]');
      body.append('password', '[PASSWORD]');
      const response = await fetch('', {
         method: 'POST',
      return response.json()

   const data = await connect();
   const token = data.gadget_token;
   console.log(`#######\n Got Token: ${token} \n#######`);

   const groupList = await fetch('[username]', {
      headers: {
         'X-Auth-Token': token
   const groupData = await groupList.json();

API DescriptionsLink to this section

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