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Modern Campus Community

When you choose Modern Campus, you become part of a community—one that values your success! We built the Community Forums to connect you with other Modern Campus users.

Here you can find discussions made by all Modern Campus Users to learn, share, and grow. There is a chance that a question you have for the community has already been asked and answered. The powerful, ease-to-use ranked search engine (powered by Zendesk) of the online portal will present the most relevant results from the Support Site and Community Forums. If you don't find what you're looking for in the search, you're clearly an original thinker and we hope you'll post in the community to begin a new conversation. Access to the Zendesk Product Site may require authentication and is intended for current Modern Campus customers.

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CMS favicon logo imageCMS Forums (formerly Omni CMS)
Catalog favicon logo imageCatalog Forums (formerly Acalog)
Curriculum favicon logo imageCurriculum Forums (formerly Curriculog)
Navigate favicon logo imageNavigate Forums (formerly Register)
Schedule favicon logo imageSchedule Forums (formerly Section)
Involve favicon logo imageInvolve Forums (formerly Presence)
Message favicon logo imageMessage Forums (formerly Signal Vine)
Lifelong learning favicon logo imageLifelong Learning: Extended Education Forums (formerly Destiny One)
Lifelong Learning: Workforce & Community Forums (formerly Lumens)

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