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Pathways for Modern Campus Catalog

Tasks to Complete in CatalogLink to this section

The following steps are required to configure Pathways for Catalog:

  1. License key activation and allowed domains
  2. Define occupation groups
  3. Associate programs to occupation groups
  4. Job Market Outlook and Appearance Settings

License Key Activation and Allowed Domains

Modern Campus Professional Services will configure the license key information.

A provisioned school will have access to all occupations and occupation groups for their respective country. Pathways can display job market data for either the US or Canada, but not both.

Modern Campus Support and Professional Services will collect the domain names from the school where Pathways will be used.

Pathways features will not render if they are embedded in a webpage on a domain not included in this list. Domains can be changed at any time by contacting Modern Campus Support.

Define Occupation Groups

An Occupation Group is a group of up to 75 US Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) or Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes. Pathways provides more than 500 occupations used by Canadian institutions and 1000 occupations used by US institutions for labor market statistics and policy planning.

Get more-detailed information and instructions to set up Occupation Groups in Catalog.

Associate Programs to Occupation Groups

All schools have their own catalog that they spend a lot of time and money maintaining. For this reason, Pathways does not attempt to create any sort of secondary catalog that competes with the primary catalog.

Rather, to speed up configuration, Pathways allows schools to import or manually set any courses information from Catalog so Pathways knows where to link students and prospects to when they click on a career’s Programs tab to find out what specific courses and programs can help them towards their career path.

Get more-detailed information and instructions to associate Programs to Occupation Groups in Catalog.

Job Market Outlook and Appearance Settings

For prospects who know what kind of education they want. Drive engagement on school landing pages by offering prospects relevant salary and job market information.

The Appearance Profile allows a multitude of display options for the Job Market Outlook on your Gateway.

Job Market Outlook Overview


Job Market Outlook Top Occupations by Income

Job Market Oulook Employment Trends


Job Market Outlook Appearance

Job Market Outlook Geographical Region


Job Market Outlook Call to Action

Note: The "Career And Program Explorer URL" is not yet in use on Catalog.

Get more-detailed information andinstructionsto set up the Job Market Outlook in Catalog.

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