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Modern Campus CMS API Documentation

The APIs documented on this page are the ones that don't follow the REST standards.

To use any of the APIs via a script, you will need to login first, that will return back a gadget_token, and it will need to appended as a custom header of X-Auth-Token to all the following calls. Here is the Example JavaScript Code demonstrating this logic.

If you are using an Authentication method to login into the CMS, you will need to enable the WebDAV setting on the user that you wish to use with the API, which will require the user to have a password local to the CMS. WebDAV is only available for level 9 and 10 users. You will then be able to use the standard login method with username and password.

Example JavaScript CodeLink to this section

(async () => {
   const connect = async () => {
      const body = new URLSearchParams();
      body.append('skin', '[SKINNAME]');
      body.append('account', '[ACCOUNT]');
      body.append('username', '[USERNAME]');
      body.append('password', '[PASSWORD]');
      const response = await fetch('', {
         method: 'POST',
      return response.json()

   const data = await connect();
   const token = data.gadget_token;
   console.log(`#######\n Got Token: ${token} \n#######`);

   const groupList = await fetch('[username]', {
      headers: {
         'X-Auth-Token': token
   const groupData = await groupList.json();

API DescriptionsLink to this section

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