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These longer-form instructions on how to perform certain tasks in Modern Campus CMS often involve more than one content type or function, and assume you have the basic knowledge for those individual pieces. If a specific task in a tutorial is not adequately clear, please reference the documentation on that particular topic.

  Content Editor

For making changes to pages, using reusable content, and other day-to-day Modern Campus CMS functions.

Creating and Using Anchors

Add anchors to pages and link to those anchors.

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Embedding a Widget or Feed

Embed a third-party widget or social media feed on your Modern Campus CMS page.

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For site, user, and Modern Campus CMS environment management, or tasks otherwise only available to level 9 and 10 users.

Publish to Your Website (Go Live)

How to go live with a new website after a redesign, or when switching from a development server to your live website.

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Setting Up RSS

Create a new RSS feed, assign it to a section, and create new articles to add to the feed.

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For working with code, including XSL, to make changes to your pages and other specific functions in Modern Campus CMS.

Adding Custom Styles to WYSIWYG

Add a new style to the "Styles" dropdown of the WYSWIYG Toolbar.

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Adding Datasets for Form Assets

Add a new dataset to pre-populate answer options for form assets.

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Set a page that pulls in content from another source in Modern Campus CMS to publish when that source does.

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Select-Lists (Video)

Add a list of predefined options for users to pick from when filling out table transformation snippet content.

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Table Separator (Video)

Insert breaks between tables in table transformation snippets that make it easy to add more content or copy tables.

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