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Launch Components

Launch a new or edited component to make it available for use on pages. Launch is a different mechanic from publishing a file, as it does not place the component on the production server.

A component can be launched by either:

  • While viewing a component, click Launch.


  • Navigate toContent> Componentsand find the appropriate component.
  • ClickMore Actions.
  • Click Launch.

Enter a version description and click Launch.

Launching a Component in UseLink to this section

Edit a component after it has been placed on pages. For those changes to take effect, the component must be launched again.

Depending on the type of changes to the component, the user may need to change the content. If the structure of the component is significantly altered via the following:

  • Adding an element group;
  • Changing an element from optional to required;
  • Adding validation type to existing elements;
  • Changing the regex value;
  • Increasing the number of required items;
  • Changing the date/time format;
  • Changing the min/max length values;

then instances of the component on pages won't change immediately. Instead, the next time a user edits the component instance on a page, they are prompted to change the content in the component so it complies with the new structure. The page must then be published for the changes to take effect.

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