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Site Check

Available to: Level 9 and 10 users.

Site Check reports on all links in the site, whether internal or external, and provides a list of all broken links and warnings. It checks links on staging that point to the production server, but doesn't scan the live website itself.

To run a site check:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Site Check.
  2. Choose a scope for the report. This determines which files are being checked.
  3. Set the link check options:
    • Follow Redirects: Direct the check to follow all redirects to the final result page, for more accurate reporting
    • With Includes: Check the links within include files. If include files in pages cannot be checked, an error is reported.
    • Timeout: Set how long the system should check each link before reporting the page can't be found.
  4. Click Run.
    • The process may take several minutes to complete. You can work on other items while the check is running, but don't close the tab or navigate away from it. The site check can also be canceled.

The results are shown in three reports. Each report can be exported as a CSV.

All Broken Links lists all broken links in the site.

Broken Links by Page shows all files on which there is one or more broken links or warnings. Click the More Actions menu More Actions menu for a file, click Results to see the full breakdown of every link on the file and its status. Click Preview to view the page. Click Rerun to run the report again.

Invalid Pages lists all files that could not be checked, and the error code indicating why. ClickMore Actions for a file, click Preview to view the page. Pages are marked invalid if they fail to render, which is often caused by an issue in the source code of the page or its XSL. Fix the source code before reporting on or previewing the page.

A green encircled checkmark iconStaging, ProductionThe link is valid. (Link is Valid (202), all other 200 statuses)
A yellow warning triangle icon.

StagingThe link is broken on the page in staging.
ProductionThe link is broken and points to a file that has been moved or some other miscellaneous issue. (Moved Permanently (301), Found (302), all other 300 statuses)
A red circle with a line through it icon.ProductionThe link is broken and points to a nonexistent destination. (Not found (404), all other 400 or 500 statuses)
A blue encircled "i" iconProductionLink check is unable to verify if it's a valid link or not; often occurs with mailto links. (Cannot check link, all 100 statuses)

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