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Just like pages and files, you can publish a folder to push its contents to your live website. Only level 10 users have the ability to publish a folder.

To publish a folder:

  1. While inContent>Pagesclick a folder's More Actionsmenu More Actions menu to see the file management dropdowns.
    • To publish multiple folders, select folder checkboxes and click Publish in the list header.
  2. Click Publish > Publish.
  3. Apply the following publish options to the folder(s), as appropriate:
    • Include Checked-Out Files: Publish files in the folder that are checked out by any user. The files stay checked out after publishing.
    • Include Files Scheduled for Publish: Publish files in the folder that are scheduled to be published. The files stay scheduled to publish after publishing.
    • Include Files in Workflow: Publish files in the folder that are part of aworkflow. The files remain in the workflow after publishing.
    • Publish Changed Files Only: Publish files that have been modified since their last published version. This includes checked-out files and newly-created files that have never been published.
    • Use Last Published Version: Publish the version of the file that is currently live on your site. If the file has unpublished changes, they will not be published.
      • This can be useful if a design change or some other modification requires a republish of the folder, but you don't want to update the content.
    • Exclude Binary Files: Don't publish binary files, such as images and PDFs.
    • Include Unpublished Dependencies: Publish linked files that have not yet been published. This only works ifdependency manageris turned on.
    • Publish Target: Publish files to a different location than the live website. If your website has been set up with more than onepublish target.
    • Version Description: Add a description to theversion historyof every published file in the folder.
  4. Click Publish.

Once the folder publishes, you get an inbox message with the results of the publish, including any files that could not be published and why.

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