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View your mailbox from Dashboard > Workflow or Dashboard > Inbox.

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Workflow messages are attached to submitting pages to other users for approval. Once a page is submitted, that starts the workflow item. Any subsequent actions to the page and messages are part of that item.

The workflow screen lists all workflow items you're involved in. Clicking the file path takes you to that page. The status column shows what state the workflow is currently in:

  • Pending Approval A silhouette of a person's head and shoulders.: The file is submitted to another user.
  • Pending Your Approval A thumbs-up icon.: The file is submitted to you.
  • Published A radio tower icon.: The file has been published and checked back into the system.
  • Declined A thumbs-down icon.: The file has been returned to the original user who submitted it.
  • Canceled A stop sign icon.: The file was forcibly checked in by an admin, ending the workflow.

To see all messages sent during the workflow, click the More Actions More Actions menu menu for a workflow item and click View. You can also message one or all participants in the workflow without changing the status of the item.

Sending a message to only one participant sets it as private, and the message cannot be viewed by anyone apart from the sender and the recipient.

Items with a status of published, declined, or canceled are considered resolved, and can be archived. Click More Actions > Archive. Multiple items can also be archived by selecting the item checkboxes and clicking Archive in the list header. If you select multiple items but at least one is still active, then they can't be collectively archived.

Items are archived on a per-user basis. If you archive an item, other users in the workflow still see it in their workflow. Once every user associated with a workflow item has archived it, it is later deleted from the database. Archived items cannot be restored.

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Messages can also be sent to users and groups independently of workflows. Your inbox shows these messages, as well as any system messages (such as those sent with a scheduled publish). These system messages display as being sent by you, to you.

To view a message, click the message subject.

To write a new message:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Inbox.
  2. Click Compose.
  3. Choose a user or group to send your message to.
  4. Write a subject and message.
  5. Deselect "Send External Email In Addition To Internal Modern Campus CMS Message" checkbox if you don't want a copy of the message to be emailed to the recipient(s).
  6. Click Send.

Click Reply orForwardto reply to the sender or forward the message to another user.

To delete a message, click More ActionsDelete. For multiple messages, select the message checkboxes and click Delete in the header bar. Deleting a message is permanent and deleted messages cannot be restored.

The Sent folder shows all messages that you sent to other users, or were sent as system messages based off of an action you performed (such as a scheduled publish or expiration).

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