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Persona Guides

persona guides

Help students find important content on your website by identifying with common personas or objectives that deliver helpful calls to action.

If enabled with the Career and Program Explorer, Persona Guides will appear below the career search by default. You can also place the Persona Guides anywhere on any page in your Pathways-allowed domains using the embed code.

Create PersonasLink to this section

Create personas to feature when visitors search your site.

  1. Go to Pathways > Persona Guides.
  2. Click +New.
  3. Enter the name of the persona.
  4. Select Active to display the persona on your website.
  5. Enter an absolute URL where visitors will be redirected for persona details.
  6. To position the order of personas on your website, enter a number up to 10 characters. Personas show in order of smallest to largest.
    • Decimals are acceptable.
  7. Enter a description of the persona.
  8. Provide alternative text and an absolute URL to a square image for this persona.
    • Images should be no less than 150 x 150 pixels.
  9. Save and Publish.

To edit or delete, go to Pathways > Persona Guides and click the More Actions menu for the persona.

Embed Personas anywhereLink to this section

Use an embed code to put Persona Guides anywhere on any page in yourPathways-allowed domains, inside or outside of Modern Campus CMS.

  1. Go toAdd-Ons>Pathways> Persona Guides > Embed Code.
  2. Select the font family and color to be used in the persona guide
  3. To translate your persona guide and results, select a language.
  4. To customize your persona guide styles, provide an absolute path to a CSS file.
    • Click to download a starter CSS file to get up and running quickly.
  5. ClickCopy Embed Code.
  6. Paste embed code onto any page in your allowed domains.

To add any embed code to a page using aneditable region anddependency manager, paste the code into asource code asset.

Using a source code asset also allows you topreview how Persona Guides will look and behave once published.

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