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Career and Program Explorer Embed Code Field Descriptions

Field/Option Name


Search Box Configuration


The heading text of the main Career and Program Explorer search page.


The sub-heading text of the main Career and Program Explorer search page.

Meta Page Title


Used by search engines and ad platforms. Specify the title of the page this Career and Program Explorer embed code will be embedded in.


The divider character used to separate the Career and Program Explorer page breadcrumbs in the page’s metadata. Enter a symbol to be used as a meta page title separator. e.g., | (Pipe), or - (Hyphen). The title entered above will be displayed after the separator. e.g., Career and Program Explorer | Title



Choose the tags that would be used to filter out associated programs. These tags are applied on the Program Page.


Language Translation

Select the target language of this Career and Program Explorer instance. Available options are English, Mexican Spanish, and Canadian French. Available only if your school has licensed the Destiny One Language Pack.

Custom CSS Path

The URL of any custom CSS you want to use for this instance of the Career and Program Explorer. A starter CSS override file is available for download to get started from the embed page in the Staff View.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO History

Enable SEO improvements to the Career and Program Explorer URL and to avoid using hash characters (#) to improve SEO. Must be enabled in your school's web server as well. Server configuration information can be found here.Please consult your Pathways admin or support representative if you wish to change this setting. 

SEO Base Path

The URL of the page where this instance of Career and Program Explorer will be embedded. Must be entered if SEO History is enabled.

Persona Guides


Career and Program Explorer’s starting search page will have your school’s Pathways: Persona Guides below the career search box if this is enabled.



Embed Code

The embed code for this instance of Career and Program Explorer. Paste this into the target

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