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Occupation Groups Field Descriptions

Subform Field DescriptionsLink to this section

Data Fields / ControlsDescription
NameName for a custom Occupation Group.
Group OccupationsList of occupations in the Occupation Group and occupation search box used to find specific occupations to include in the new Occupation Group.
Contains textKeyword, CIP code, or name to include in a search for Occupation Groups.
CodeThe internal ID assigned to Occupation Groups. Default Occupation Group codes will be that group's Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code. Custom Occupation Groups will be assigned a code.

Occupation Group Table Field DescriptionsLink to this section

The table can be sorted by columns.

Data Fields / ControlsDescription
NameThe name of the Occupation Group.
Group OccupationsThe list of occupations associated with each Occupation Group.
TypeEither Default (comes loaded with Modern Campus Lifelong Learning Extended Education) or Custom (when created by a school).
Gear iconSelect to Copy, Edit, or Delete a group. School administrators cannot edit or delete a default Occupation Group but can edit and delete any Occupation Groups they create. School administrators can copy a default Occupation Group and edit or delete the copied group.

ButtonsLink to this section

Button nameDescription
CreateClick to create a new custom Occupation Group.
FilterClick to obtain filtered results for an Occupation Group search.
Clear FilterClick to reset a search.


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