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Elements Field Descriptions

Label (required)

Provide a name for the element indicating its function (for example, image, email address, description, etc.).

Helper Text

Provide instructions to the editor who is filling out the element on the page (Layout Control File [LCF]).

Required Field?

Determine whether the content editor is required to fill out the element.

Regular Expression

For text-based elements, choose whether text entered into the field will be validated by regex. If "Yes" is selected, set the regex and error message.

Minimum Length

Determine the minimum number of characters an editor must provide.

Maximum Length

Determine the maximum number of characters an editor can provide.

Default Value (required)

Set the default text that will be entered in the form on the page.

Items (required)

+Add preset answers as separate items, used for checkboxes and dropdowns.

Pair the name of the item that the content editor sees with the value that is inserted into the source code when that item is selected.

To reorder items, drag the arrows.

To pre-select an item in the form, select the radio button.

To delete an item, click "x."

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