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Required Actions

The Required Actions report is actually two separate reports, Broken Pages and Out-of-Sync Pages. Each one deals with page and link management.

Broken PagesLink to this section

Available to: All user levels. Level 9 and 10 users see all broken pages in the site; users levels 0 through 8 only see broken pages to which they have access.

This report shows all files that have broken links, as long as those links are managed by dependency manager. Links that are not dependency tags (e.g. links to external content, mailto links, and other hard-coded URLs) won't appear in the report even if they break. Dependency manager handles links to content that is renamed or moved, but if a file is deleted, the link breaks and appears in this report. If binary management is in use, broken images appear in this report as well. Missing assets and components are also caught in this report.

The report lists the pages with broken dependency tags, showing their file path and status. Click the file path to view and edit the page.

Out-of-Sync PagesLink to this section

Available to: Users levels 9 and 10.

Pages are shown in this report when an error occurs during publish, such as losing Internet connectivity, and causes a discrepancy between the Omni CMS database and the live website. If you have multiple publish targets enabled, a page might also appear in the report if it's been updated on one target but not another.

Fix out-of-sync pages by republishing them; this can be done by publishing each page manually, or using the Publish All button. This uses the last published version of the page, and any checked-out files remain checked out.