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Activity Gadget

See a list of the most recent actions that have been performed in your Modern Campus CMS account, such as file publishes, recycles, and uploads with the Activity Gadget. The gadget displays up to two years of activity (old activity is cleared on a weekly basis).

Location: Dashboard and gadgets sidebar.

Available to: All user levels. Users levels 0 through 8 see their own activity; users levels 9 and 10 see activity for all users in the site.

See your activity, as follows:

  1. ClickShow Gadgets to open sidebar.
  2. Click to expand Activity Gadget.
  3. View the list of your activity.
  4. Click the item to view it.

Items and ActionsLink to this section


Pages/Binary Files/Folders

Create, Publish, Copy, Move, Delete, Recycle, Rename, Upload


Create, Launch, Publish, Copy, Delete, Rename, Enable, Disable


Create, Clone, and Delete


Create and Delete


Launch, Copy, Rename, Disable, Enable, and Delete


Create, Publish, Copy, Rename, and Delete

CMS Calendar (called Category in gadget), includes subscriptions

Create and Delete

Calendar Events, includes RSVPs and public submissions

Create, Publish, Copy, and Delete

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