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Recycling a file removes it from Modern Campus CMS and from your live website, and sends it to the recycle bin, where it can be restored or permanently deleted. Users levels of 1 through 7 can be given permission to recycle and view the recycle bin. User levels of 8 to 10 can recycle entire Sections and Folders as well as files.

To recycle a file:

  1. Navigate to Content > Pages.
  2. Click the More Actions menu More Actions menu.
  3. Click File > Move to Recycle Bin.
  4. The "Move to Recycle Bin" box lists links that will break because of the recycle. Manually fix any broken links.
    • Though dependency manager tracks links, it cannot fix the links listed since they point to a file that will no longer exist.
  5. Click Move to Recycle Bin.

To recycle multiple files, select their checkboxes and click Move to Recycle Bin in the list header.

Recycle files from the staging server to remove published versions of it from the production server. If you remove a file from the production server, republish the corresponding file on the staging server to restore the file. You cannot recycle files checked out to another user, in a workflow, or scheduled to be published.

Recycle BinLink to this section

Click Content > Recycle Bin to see files, their original location, who recycled them, and when. Click More Actions More Actions menu to Restore or Delete files.

  • Restoring a file or folder returns it to its original location on the staging server.
    • Publish the file to restore it to your website.
    • A restored file generates a new dependency tag and you must update the links that point to the old tag.
  • Deleting a file permanently removes it from Modern Campus CMS, with no way to bring it back.

To restore or delete multiple files, click file checkboxes and select the appropriate option from the list header. To restore a folder and its files, select files with the same original location and recycle date.

Click Delete All to permanently deletes all files in the recycle bin.

Check your recycle bin every so often and consider cleaning out files you know you won't need to restore. Recycled files can take up large amounts of storage space and slow your Modern Campus CMS account.

Administrators can change the location of the recycle bin in site settings.

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