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The Add-Ons menu contains links to other applications or web pages, set by administrators in account settings. An add-on can be anything, as long as it's a valid URL. Add-ons can also have their access set, restricting them to administrators only.

The one system link under Add-Ons is the marketplace.

MarketplaceLink to this section

The marketplace showcases modules and gadgets for you to add (or request to be added) to your Omni CMS account. Click the item to see more information about it.

marketplace item
A faculty directory marketplace item, published by Modern Campus

The marketplace showcases offerings and gadgets published both by Modern Campus, by professional vendors and partners, and even by vetted customers. If you need more information about an item that we didn't publish, consider reaching out to that publisher for assistance.

Any offerings and gadgets already installed in your account are marked Installed. Click Request to send a message to another user or group in your Omni CMS account with a link to a product not in your account.

However, if you're a level 10 administrator, you can directly add gadgets to your account. Click Add and the gadget is installed. You can then manage your gadgets from the setup menu. For offerings, clicking Add sends your contact information to our sales team, who will then reach out to you to discuss the purchase of the offering. Use the thumbs-up icon to like an offering or gadget. If you want another Omni CMS user to check out the offering or gadget, click the envelope icon to send them a message with a link to the offering or gadget page.

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