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Global Search

Global search searches your Modern Campus CMS account for users, files (text-based, images, media, and other binary files), assets, groupsfolders, components, dynamic content, and calendar events (if purchased).

This video was recorded in OU Campus v10. While the interface may have a slightly different look, the platform functionalities did not drastically change in the OU Campus 11 release.

To use global search, click the magnifying glass in the Main menu or Ctrl+`.

For items that are available account wide (such as assets and users), global search pulls results from your entire account. For items that are restricted to sites (such as pages and image files), the results depend on which site you run the global search from.

When entering search criteria, up to two variable characters are allowed (for example, searching for "cat" returns "cats" but not "catalog").

Search results are sorted by content type, with the first five results for each type displayed. Click an item to see additional information like location, last published date, or user level. Click Go To or Edit to view the item.

To view more than the first five results for a given type, click Show All. View search results for the highlighted content type. Sort items by title, location, last modified date, or last published date.

Click the name of an item to view it.

Click the More Actions More Actions menu menu for an item and click Preview to view it or Go To to go to its location in Modern Campus CMS.

Click the name of a different content type to view results for that content type.

Advanced SearchLink to this section

In the global search box, click Advanced to search the following:

Type: Click the dropdown to select the checkboxes for which type(s) of content you would like to search.

  • Content types include text files, images, media, other binary files, assets, dynamic content, and events.

Name: Type your search criteria and further refine the scope of your search, as follows:

  • Tags: Click or type in this field to bring up a list of all tags used in your Modern Campus CMS account. Select tags to apply them as filters to your search.
  • Published Date: Select a range of last published dates to limit the search.
  • Modified Date: Select a range of last modified dates to limit the search.

Click Apply to run the search.

IndexingLink to this section

Index your site to add new content to the search results. For global search to work, enable search functionality at the site level and build the index. The steps are the same when a site index is rebuilt. Sites can be indexed by Level 10 administrators from site settings.

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