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Develop Templates

In addition to the templates, reusable content, and gadgets provided with your Modern Campus CMS implementation, you can develop your own. Developing content in Modern Campus CMS requires some web development and coding knowledge, whether it's XSL and XML for page templates, or API calls for gadgets.

If you're brand new to page development, get started here, with a brief introduction to page tagging, template files, and XSL and XML. For a more thorough guide, read the topics in this section in the following order:

  1. XSL and XML
  2. Templates
  3. Page Tagging
  4. Advanced Page Types

You can also check out our developer tutorials for specific how-tos or our library of training webinars and videos below.

This video was recorded in OU Campus v10. While the interface may have a slightly different look, the platform functionalities did not drastically change in the OU Campus 11 release.

Or, see the following reference guides for the various attributes and elements used when making templates. They list all available attributes for the given content or structure, along with a brief description of the attribute function, potential variables, and a usage example. The reference guides are for:

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