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Workflow Publish

You can (or may be required to) submit pages and files to other users for approval and subsequent publication, using Modern Campus CMS' workflow system. You may also be an approver that other users submit pages to.

Submit for ApprovalLink to this section

While viewing a page, if you don't see Publish then you see Submit.

A green button that says "Submit"

  1. Click Submit.
  2. Select an approver.
  3. Write a subject for your message.
  4. Write a message, as appropriate.
  5. Choose to send an email to the user along with the Modern Campus CMS message.
  6. Click Submit
    • The file is now locked to the approver.

Approving to PublishLink to this section

View files submitted to you for approval in Dashboard > Workflow. There are four approval actions you can take on a submitted file, as follows:

  • Publish a file submitted to you for approval the same way you would normally publish a file.
  • Schedule a file to publish later.
  • Reassign the file.
    • This can be useful for sending the file to another user to publish.
  • Decline the file to reject the publish.
    • The file is checked in and available for additional edits. 
    • Select the "Revert to Previous Version" checkbox to discard edits since the last saved version.

When you publish, schedule, reassign, or decline a file, you can also send a message with the page. These messages are visible for each file in Dashboard > Workflow.

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