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Scheduled Publish

You can schedule a file to publish at a later date. This can be useful for preparing content in advance of a specific date or deadline.

There are three ways to schedule a file to publish, as follows:

  • While viewing a file, click Publish and switch to the "Schedule" tab.
  • While viewing a file, click the Publish dropdown and select "Schedule."
  • Navigate to Content > Pages.
    • Click More Actions More Actions menu.
    • Click Publish > Schedule.

You cannot schedule multiple files simultaneously. To edit or immediately publish a scheduled file, first remove the scheduled publish.

Schedule OptionsLink to this section

From the "Schedule" tab choose the following options:

  • Date: The day you want the file to publish.
  • Time: The time you want the file to publish.
  • Repeat Every: Schedule the page to republish at the interval you set.
  • Notification: Create a notification of the scheduled publish, as appropriate. Select the "Send Copy to Email" checkbox to receive an email notification in addition to the message in your Modern Campus CMS inbox.

Files that are scheduled to publish display a calendar icon in the status column on Pages.

If a scheduled publish fails, you get a failure message either via email or your inbox. Modern Campus CMS attempts to publish the page two more times, at fifteen-minute intervals. If the publish still fails, the scheduled publish is removed and another message sent to you.

Removing a Scheduled PublishLink to this section

A scheduled publish can only be removed by the user who set it or by level 9 and 10 users. To remove a scheduled publish, either:

  • In Pages, click the calendar icon from the status column.
  • While viewing the page, click Remove Scheduled Publish.
  • Reschedule from the Scheduled Actions report.

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