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Pages and Files

In Modern Campus CMS, each website page exists as either a Publish Control File (PCF) or a Layout Control File (LCF). Go to Content > Pages to see your page files.

A list of files in Modern Campus CMS.
Pages in the "about" folder.

Modern Campus CMS uses a file management system, so your pages are organized in folders. Images, PDFs, and other files are also stored in Pages folders.

Use the home icon and breadcrumb navigation to move through the folder levels.
Breadcrumb navigation displaying a Home icon > campus-life > Greek-life

Click the Server dropdown to toggle to the production server. When viewing your files in staging, click on the name of a page or file to open and edit it. When viewing files in production, click on a file name to view it on your published website.

Page StatusLink to this section

Files that are checked out to you have a lit lightbulb icon. Check out a page to prevent others from entering conflicting changes while you are working. Click the lightbulb icon to check a file in or out.

A page file menu item with a yellow lightbulb icon.

Files that are checked out to another user have a lock icon. If a file is locked to someone else, you can't edit it. The exception is for administrators, who can forcibly check the file back in. If you check in a file someone else is working on, their unsaved changes will be lost.

A page file menu item with a red lock icon.

Files that are scheduled to publish have a calendar icon.

A page file menu item with a calendar icon.

Files that are scheduled to expire have a "No" icon.

A page file menu item containing a circle with diagonal line icon.

Files that are pending approval as part of a workflow have a silhouette icon.

A page file menu item with a silhouette icon.

Page Publish Status

Files that have never been published have an "Unpublished" status.

A page file menu item with an "Unpublished" status

Files that have been saved after the most recent publish date have an "Unpublished Changes" status.

A page file menu item with unpublished changes.

Files that cannot be published have a "Publishing Disabled" status. Contact an administrator to override or enable publishing.

A page file menu item with disabled publishing.

FilterLink to this section

Type in the "Filter" field to search the content visible on the page. Filtering searches file content (but not source code), metadata, and file names.

Click the tag icon and choose a tag from the dropdown to search the visible files for that tag. Use more than one tag at a time to limit the results to all files labeled with every tag selected. Apply individual tags, not collections.

You can search the visible content using both tags and filters.

When in Content > Pages, click a file's More Actions menu More Actions menu to see the following dropdown menus:

Some of these options may not be available or be slightly different depending on your user level, access settings, or file type.

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