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Get Started

Level 10 users can enable or disable Personalization in site settings and control which pages will show dynamic content. Users levels 8 through 10 can create Personalization content. Users levels 1 through 10 can add Personalization content to pages and all users can see visitor activity data.

Enable Personalization for your site(s)Link to this section

Level 10 administrators,

  1. Go to Setup > Sites > Optional Features.
  2. Select the Personalization checkbox.
  3. Click Publish Tracking Code.
    • The tracking code is a series of files used to track website visitors, deliver dynamic content variations, and more. Publishing the code will place a file on the root of your site. Tracked pages will be injected with HTML script tags to reference this code and other tracking-related dependencies.
  4. Save.

Enable Personalization individually for each site to create dynamic content once and use it in all sites in your account.

Enable trackingLink to this section

Level 10 administrators, ensure your privacy policy notifies your site visitors about the use of first-party cookies before enabling tracking. 

Personalization uses a secure tracking service to determine whether a page shows default or dynamic content. Users levels 8 through 10, enable tracking on a page, file, or folder (non-recursively) to allow dynamic content. Level 9 and 10 administrators can enable tracking on a directory or site.

To track visitor data while on a page, go to Properties > Access. Or 

  1. Go to Content > Pages.
  2. Click the More Actions menu for the page or folder you'd like to track.
  3. Click Edit > Access.
  4. Select "Yes" for Enable Tracking.
    • Users levels 9-10 can enable for a directory or site by selecting "Apply Selected Settings to This Folder and All Enclosed Files and Folders"
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Publish.

You can now create and launch dynamic content in Content > Personalization.

Disable TrackingLink to this section

Contact the CMS Support Resource Portal (login required) to delete your account and all data from the tracking service.

Create dynamic content

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