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Use on Pages

Users levels 1 through 10 can insert dynamic content or A/B tests (with purchase) on PCF, HTML, and INC file types.

You can use a single dynamic content or A/B test item on as many pages as you like, with one item per page.

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Add dynamic page forwarding while you're editing the properties. Add dynamic text or block content or an A/B test to pages while you're editing the content, as follows:

  1. While editing an editable region, click Insert Dynamic Content A lightning bolt icon or Insert A/B Test insert a/b test.
  2. In the file chooser box, click a filename.
    • You can filter by type or name.
  3. Click Insert.

You will see the content placeholder on the page.

personalization placeholder

Drag the placeholder to move the content anywhere in the editable region.

  1. Click Save.
  2. To see the content as it will appear on your website, click Preview
  3. Click Publish.

You can control the use of Personalization content on pages using a custom toolbar.

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Modern Campus CMS shows a preview of how your page will look and behave once it's published. While editing an editable region, click Preview in the page actions toolbar. Select the Dynamic Content or A/B Test dropdowns to see what the page looks like with different variations.

personalization preview

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