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Normally, the account is the top level of management available. However, depending on your Modern Campus CMS set-up, you might have access to an even higher administrative level, the skin or SuperAdmin. A skin can contain more than one account, and is marked by the /#skinname/ in your Modern Campus CMS URL.

SuperAdmin users are separate from Modern Campus CMS users; a level 10 user in Modern Campus CMS won't necessarily have access to the SuperAdmin interface.

When you log in to SuperAdmin, you see all accounts in your skin. Each account can have its settings, sites, users, and groups edited. You can also manage skin administrators, run user and group reports, and log in to a site as any user.

AccountsLink to this section

Hovering over an account shows the options for Sites, Users, Groups, New, Edit, and Delete. Clicking on an account name shows the account settings, as well as the sites, users, and groups.

  • Account Settings: Exactly the same as when accessed via the setup menu.
  • Sites: Lists all sites in the account. Hovering over a site gives you the options to log in to that site, edit the site settings, or delete the site. Deleting a site is permanent and cannot be undone. It removes all site and folder settings, reusable content, and other items; the staging files still exist on the server but are inaccessible. A new site can also be created by clicking the green +New button.
  • Users: Lists all users in the account. Hover over a user to log in to a site as that user, edit their user settings, or delete the user.
  • Groups: Lists all groups in the account. Hover over a group to edit, copy, or delete it.

To create a new account:

  1. Navigate to Accounts.
  2. Click the green +New button.
  3. Fill out the account settings.
  4. Click Save.

When hovering over an account, the New menu has options to create a new site, user, or group in that account.

Deleting an account is permanent and cannot be undone.

AdministratorsLink to this section

Administrator users in SuperAdmin are separate from regular Modern Campus CMS users (though often someone who is a SuperAdmin user is also a level 10 user in the account). To create a new user in SuperAdmin:

  1. Navigate to Administrators.
  2. Click the green +New button.
  3. Fill out the user settings:
    • Username: Required
    • Password: Leave blank if using LDAP
    • Locale: Formats the timestamps and dictionary for the user.
    • Admin Level: Required. Super (level 10) users have additional abilities beyond the standard SuperAdmin interface.
    • LDAP Configuration: Fill out if using LDAP authentication.
  4. Click Save.

ReportsLink to this section

The reports in SuperAdmin are different from the standard site reports.

The "Users" report lists all users in the skin, with their user level, the last time they logged in or saved a file, how many saves they've made total, and which account they belong to.

The "Groups" report lists all groups in the skin, and which account they belong to.

Site LoginLink to this section

Once logged into the SuperAdmin interface, you can log in to any site in the skin, as any user in the skin. This can be helpful for testing access settings, among other things.

There are several ways to log in to a site:

  • Select Site Login from the top menu.
    • Choose which account and site you want to log in to, and as which user. Previous logins are listed below; select one to log in with those parameters.
  • Navigate to Accounts > Sites, hover over a site, and select Log In.
    • Select the user you want to log in as, in that site.
  • Navigate to Accounts > Users, hover over a user, and select Log In.
    • Select the site you want to log in to, as that user.

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