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Permissions Chart

Each user level has both inherent available abilities and abilities that can be allowed or restricted in their user settings. All actions described below can only be performed in areas to which the user has access.

◊ Assigned by an administrator

Inherent for the authority level

 Reviewer, Level 0Contributor, Levels 1-4Editor, Levels
Designer, Level 8Asst. Admin, Level 9Admin, Level 10  

Edit page content, including MultiEdit form fields

Edit Page Parameters       

View Page Versions and Log


Create New Pages


Publish, Scheduled Publish, and Submit for Approval Pages

Admins can restrict editors from publishing by assigning an approver

Move, Rename, And Copy Files          
Upload Files   
Overwrite Files on Upload   
Zip Import        

Recycle Files


Recycle Folders

Create New Sections and Folders      
Move, Rename, and Copy Folders          
Publish Sections and Folders            
Publish Site             
Add words to the spellcheck dictionary via Page Check  
Manage and edit words in Setup > Custom Dictionary            
Access to Dashboard and Sidebar Gadgets  
Gadgets Setup            

Editable Regions in PCFs

A custom toolbar that does not include the source code button can be created and assigned to a user.


Edit Source Code

Restrict a level 9 from using the source editor by selecting the Disallow Source checkbox in the User Information panel.

  • Create, edit, and manage the layouts that are used to create pages
  • Create, edit, and manage the tiles and frames used to create layouts
  • Edit the CSS styles used by layouts
  • Enable/disable Layout Builder in your account
  • Assign access to layouts, using groups

View and Use Assets

Disable access to Content > Assets in account settings.

Create Assets      
Edit Assets   
View Asset Log  
Copy and Rename Assets          
View LDP Form Asset Submissions  
Delete Assets   
View Asset Versions  
Publish Assets  
Create Components            

Create Snippets


Assign RSS Feeds

Only Level 10 users can access RSS from the Content menu.

Level 9 users can assign feeds on a page-by-page basis.

Access RSS Feed Items on Pages   

Find and Replace


See Visitor data


Insert dynamic content on a page

  • Create, edit, launch, and delete dynamic content 
  • Enable tracking on a page or directory (non-recursively)

Enable tracking on a directory (recursively)


Enable Personalization on your site(s)

Create and Modify Users             
Create and Modify Groups             

Edit Access Settings

Level 8 users can edit access settings only for content to which they already have access.


Tags Setup


Tags Access Settings

REPORTSAbility to see data for all pages/users site-wide           
View Required Actions, Checked-Out Content, Pending Approvals, Scheduled Actions, Recent Saves and Recent Publishes reports  
Site Check and Custom Reports           
Access to Marketplace  
Send links to gadgets and add-ons to other users for review.  
Contact Modern Campus directly to request new offerings            
Install new gadgets from the Marketplace            
  • Create new calendars
  • Assign access to calendars and event approvers, using groups
  • Create, edit, and delete calendar attributes
  • Embed a calendar on a page
  • Create calendar attributes
  • Create, edit, delete, and publish calendar events
  • Edit group access in Settings
  • Test Pathways connection
Delete Job Market Data from a page   
Access to Site and Account Info            

Configure site-wide Access Settings.

Activate Dependency Manager and run scanner on site and/or folder.            

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