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Tag Access Settings

Folders and sites have tag access settings, controlling which tags can be applied to files within a folder or site. Fixed tags are automatically applied to all files in the folder or site, and can't be modified from pages. Filtered tags either allow or exclude tags in the folder or site. 

 Edit tag access settings as follows:

  1. Navigate to Content > Pages and find the folder you want to edit.
    Navigate to Setup > Sites.
  2. Click the More Actions menu More Actions menu.
  3. Click Edit > Tag Access.
  4. In the "Tag Access Settings" box, click the radio buttons to apply changes non-recursively or recursively.
    • "Apply All Settings to This Folder/Root Folder Only" affects new, but not existing, items in the folder.
    • "Apply Selected Settings to This Folder and All Existing Files and Folders" affects new and existing items in the folder.
      • Click the "Apply Method" dropdown to add to or overwrite existing tags.
  5. In the "Fixed Tags" field, select from the dropdown or enter new tags.
    • Select the "Fixed Tags" checkbox to enable the field, if needed.
  6. In the "Filtered Tags" field, select from the dropdown or enter new tags.
    • Select the "Filtered Tags" checkbox to enable the field, if needed.
  7. Click the radio button to "Allow only these tags" or "Disallow these tags."
    • Allow restricts the tags available to users to those specified. Disallow blocks users from adding the tags specified.
    • If you specified a tag collection, every tag in that collection is either allowed or disallowed.
  8. Click Save.

Moving a file to a different folder replaces the file's tag access settings with the settings in the new folder. 

Access settings for tags follow the Modern Campus CMS precedence model. Therefore, if a collection is disallowed at a high level, it can still be allowed and available at a lower level. Tags in page parameters are not affected by tag access settings.

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