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In Modern Campus CMS, users levels 9 and 10 are considered administrators.

Level 9Link to this section

Level 9 users can edit, upload, and rename files, and other system tasks, as well as access all reports.

They can check in pages on behalf of other users and reassign pages in workflow.

While other user levels below level 9 may be granted access to page source code, a level 9 administrator has this ability by default.

Content menu items include Pages, Assets (can be restricted by group assignment), Snippets, and the Recycle Bin.

Level 10Link to this section

Level 10 administrators can go everywhere and do everything. A level 10 administrator can create users and groups, and configure access and workflow settings.

Administrative functions include the ability to check pages back in from other users, override the approval process, edit the site and account settings, perform a site-wide find and replace, and override default permissions for other authority levels.

Administrators can also publish the site, configure publish targets, restrict access to everything from sites to pages, and configure RSS.

Level 10 administrators are the only users that have access to the setup menu, which includes settings for the account, sites, templates, and gadgets.

Content menu items include Pages, Assets, Snippets, Components, RSS, Find and Replace, Recycle Bin, and Personalization. All items on the Reports menu are available to a level 10.

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