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Students and prospects can immediately use the CPE to find out more information on their desired careers. But to suggest relevant courses and certificates, schools need to associate occupation groups to their catalog offerings.

Overview TabLink to this section

Program Explorer – Overview Tab

The Overview tab displays the following information:

  • Currently Employed: The total number of people with this career currently employed in the selected region.
  • Median Salary: The salary of the 50th percentile of earners in this career in the selected region.
  • Current Job Postings: The demand of jobs for the selected region, based on last month's aggregated job board postings for this career.
  • Core Tasks: Common activities and duties employees in this career engage in.
  • By Age: A breakdown by age group of employees currently employed in this career.
  • National Educational Attainment: A nationwide breakdown by educational attainment of people currently employed in this career.

ProgramsLink to this section

The Programs tab displays a list of programs or catalog offerings the school offers. Each item in this tab links prospects and students to their respective catalog landing page.

Program Explorer – Programs Tab

SalaryLink to this section

Program Explorer – Salary Tab

The Salary tab displays a breakdown of the five salary percentiles of employees in this career with the 10th salary percentile representing the income of the 10th percentile of earners (the top earner among the bottom 10% of all earners). The 90th percentile representing the income of the 90th percentile of earners (the bottom earner among the top 10% of earners). The 50th percentile is the median salary for all workers. This chart compares salaries in the current search area to salaries for this career nationwide.

EmploymentLink to this section

Program Explorer – Employment Tab

The Employment tab displays the past and projected job growth rates for this career. It shows the past 3 years and projected growth for the next 7 years for the selected search area as well as nationwide. It graphs the past and projected number of people employed in this career over a rolling 10 year period. It also lists the most common job titles across multiple job postings over the last 12 months.

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