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Create Occupation Groups

Occupation Groups Page

  1. Select Marketing from the first navigation tier.
  2. Navigate to the Pathways > Occupation Groups page from the second navigation tier.

Click the Export CSV button to export the complete list of occupations groups to a CSV file.

School administrators cannot edit or delete a default occupation group but can edit and delete any occupation groups they create. Deleting an occupation group will remove all references of that group in all Pathways: Job Market Outlook instances for all certificates and courses across domains and will not replace deleted occupation groups in other certificates. Delete custom occupation groups with caution.

A maximum of eight related occupations with the highest salaries in their occupation group will be shown in the Pathways: Job Market Outlook information, but up to 75 occupations can be part of an occupation group and used to determine statistics.

School administrators can quickly find any occupation group by using the Filter Options. Occupation groups can be filtered by CIP code or keyword. When looking for occupations, live filtering quickly displays available occupations as staff users type occupation names.

Adding occupations to a custom Occupation Group

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  1. Click +New.
  2. Under the Create a New Occupation Group section, type a Name for the Occupation Group.
  3. In the Group Occupations search box, enter the search keyword or CIP code and select the occupations to associate with the new group. You can select up to 75 occupation types. Note that a maximum of 8 occupations will be displayed in the Job Market Outlook, but all associated occupation's salary and job data will be used to present job market data.
  4. Click Create to create the Occupation Group.

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School administrators can create a copy of any default or custom Occupation Group.

  1. Navigate to the Occupation Groups page.
  2. Choose any existing occupation group and select the gear icon button on the right and click Copy.
  3. Edit the new Occupation Group name and list of related occupations.
  4. Click Save to create the Occupation Group copy.

School administrators can quickly find any Occupation Group by using the Filter Options. Occupation Groups can be filtered by CIP code or keyword by entering your search query into the Contains text field.

  1. Under the Filter Options section, type a keyword, CIP code, or occupation name in the Contains text field.
  2. Click Filter to obtain results based on the entered filter options.
  3. Click Clear Filter to reset the filter options and start a new search.

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Assign an Occupation Group to a Course or Certificate.


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